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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has helped us get the clinic ready and help move us in. We have enjoyed starting to see patients, and look forward to serving the community.

Our family is very important to us. We love our kids, and have enjoyed watching them grow and become good people. We have wonderful memories with them. As we have taught the kids, " You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call "failure" is not the falling down, but the staying down". As we turn the page to the next chapter in our life, we have included our kids, and have enjoyed this new beginning. When you come into our clinic, we hope you feel like a part of our family, and like you are stepping into our home.

It might take a little time to get a good work flow and timely visits so patients don't have long waiting times, but if you can be patient with us, we will keep working at making that a priority.

Please follow this blog to meet our team at Sioux Valley Family Health, get health tips, news updates for the clinic, and to hear more about our family.

Your family is our family at Sioux Valley Family Health!

~Dr. Chris and Lisa VandeLune~


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