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New Service!!

We can now treat leg veins!

A virtually painless treatment that leaves the outer barrier of the skin intact while still providing many of the benefits of skin resurfacing.

Laser Treatments

State-of-the-art laser treatments for a variety of skin conditions!

We have a variety of laser treatments available. If you are looking for non-surgical options for various skin conditions, laser treatments are a great option. Read below to learn more about what treatments we offer and how they can benefit you.

Facial Treatment
Alma Soprano Logo.png
Alma Soprano
Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal

We've partnered with Alma Lasers & offer laser treatments for:

Alma Laser Therapy
  • Melasma

  • Vascular & Pigmented Lesions

  • Port Wine Stains

  • Angioma

  • Hemangioma

  • Rosacea

  • Hair Removal

  • Skin Tightening

  • Fine Lines, Wrinkles

  • Laser Tattoo Removal

  • Stretch Marks

  • Acne Scarring

  • Skin Resurfacing

  • "MesmerEyesing" (A Non-Surgical Treatment Around the Eyes)

  • Sun & Age Spots 

  • Skin Discoloration

  • Venous Malformation

  • Toe Fungus

Harmony XL Pro
Alma Harmony

TREATING: Vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, port wine stains, rosacea, & more.

Time and other factors such as stress, pollution, UV rays, and poor diet all have an effect on your skin. If left untreated, these conditions can spiral out of control leading to Melasma, red spots, brown spots, and broken capillaries.

Harmony DYE VL by Alma Lasers combines two trusted technologies, Pulsed Dye Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to renew your skin. 

Harmony DYE VL is the GOLD STANDARD for vascular lesions and treating rosacea. 


TREATING: Hands, neck, décolletage, & around the eyes.

ClearLift can take years off of your face in just minutes, providing similar results to chemical peels and laser resurfacing. This is a painless treatment and has absolutely no downtime.

ClearLift will help your face look refreshed and rejuvenated but in a less intense manner.  

Lunchtime Non-Surgical Facelift! 

Model's Lower Face
Clear Lift

Our ClearLift treatments can lift:

  • Cheeks

  • Reduce sagging eyelids and jowls

  • Restore the fullness of your face overall


nd:YAG Laser

TREATING: Skin rejuvenation, wrinkles, leg veins, and more!

A virtually painless treatment that leaves the outer barrier of the skin intact while still providing many of the benefits of skin resurfacing.

It is also indicated for pigmented and vascular lesions, laser tattoo removal, and nail fungus treatment. 

A gentler alternative to skin resurfacing!

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Leg veins.jpeg



Leg Veins
Q Switced

Alma Q
Switched Laser

20% of people with a tattoo have thought about removal options. In the past, tattoo removal was painful and gave inconsistent results.

The Alma Q Switched Laser with “Next generation” technology now provides a safe and effective way of removing tattoos leaving natural-looking skin.

Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing!

Alma Laser Therapy

Treating a wide range of aesthetic dermal indications:

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

Pigmented Lesions
Toe Fungus

Toe Fungus

Close Up on Eyes

Skin Tightening

Vascular Lesions
Skin Rejuvenation



Scars/Stretch Marks

Speed AFT (SHR)

TREATING: Hair Removal

Getting rid of unwanted hair is an age-old issue, with long-term hair removal being particularly challenging. Harmony's SHR removal method uses Alma's groundbreaking technology to offer a simple, one-stop solution for truly effective hair removal. SHR's unique gradual heating method effectively damages the hair follicles while avoiding injury to the surrounding skin. One-Stop Solution for Effective Hair Removal!

The sweeping In-Motion TM delivery technique keeps the laser in constant motion ensuring full coverage. Simultaneous contact cooling prevents burns and allows for more comfortable treatment, while a specialized applicator allows your laser technician to treat large areas in less time.

Whether you have light, dark, or tanned skin, coarse or fine hair, Harmony achieves complete hair removal for all areas of the body that's
safe, quick, and best of all-virtually painless.

Image by Lenin Estrada

Safe for All Skin Types and All Areas of the Body!

Speed AFT

Before & Afters:

Alma Q
Speed AFT
Applying Body Lotion

Introductory Offer!

Opus Plasma
Opus Plasma
Skin Surface and Pores

TREATING: Skin surface & pores.

Opus Plasma is one of our most common laser treatments. Skin resurfacing is the most dramatic, non-surgical procedure to repair and renew the skin. With Opus Plasma, you can enjoy fractional skin resurfacing results with much less downtime. Fractional-based skin resurfacing involves creating a pattern of microscopic injuries to a fraction of the skin. This stimulates a natural wound-healing response, exciting the skin to repair itself.

Close Up on Eyes

Opus Colibri

TREATING: Around the eyes.

Opus Colibri delivers mycoplasma, causing both controlled ablation and thermal coagulation to target the most hard-to-reach areas around the eyes with accuracy. Classic surgical eye lifts can come at a cost of unwanted downtime and can’t always maintain the natural shape of eyes. With Opus Colibri, you can get extraordinary results without the complications and downtime of going through surgery.

Opus Colibri.png

Before & Afters:

alma ted image.png

Introductory Offer!

Alma TED hair wellness solution

TREATING: Hair loss & thinning

Alma TED is a revolutionary new treatment for hair restoration! It uses a serum full of growth factors to help not only the re-growth of the hair follicles, but also makes the hair follicle itself stronger and thicker.  Alma Ted works by using acoustic sound waves and air pressure to drive active components deeper in the skin for higher compound absorption. 

Men and women are suffering from hair loss and spending billions on hair loss prevention and restoration products. Alma TED’s proprietary technology with Impact  Delivery™ offers a non-invasive, non-traumatic option to address the market’s growing hair loss concerns.

Thinning Hair

Male balding

Patchy Beard


Female Balding

Patchy Eyebrows

Post Chemo Hair

Post covid hair

Post Pregnancy Hair loss

Thinning or receding hair line

Hair loss and changes d/t hormone changes with aging

Anti aging for hair!

Opus Colibri
Alma Ted

No trauma.
No discomfort.

A comfortable patient experience unlike other in-office treatments that involve trauma to the scalp

Noticeable results in one treatment.

Patients have noticed less shedding during their daily routines as early as 2 weeks

Quick &

A quick treatment session requiring no topical anesthetic or post-treatment shedding

Before & Afters:

Kate Hudson.jpg

A gentle heating treatment that works to excite your skin’s cellular energy to pre-condition itself from harmful environmental factors and to protect you from premature signs of aging. Using 2 laser wavelengths, targets multiple skincare concerns to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and stimulate collagen, offering you an on-the-go glow while enhancing your skin management routine for the long run.

Alma Soprano

TREATING: Hair Removal

Featuring its exclusive 3D technology, Soprano Titanium combines the three most effective laser wavelengths into a single applicator, simultaneously targeting different tissue depths and anatomical structures within the hair follicle

The only clinically proven method of laser hair removal that is virtually painless, and it is the safest laser hair removal method for all skin types, including dark and tanned skin.