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Our LPN: Lindsey Addy-Todd

"Hi, I am Lindsey Addy-Todd, LPN for SVFH. I have been a nurse for 10 years and have worked in various nursing positions. I live in Cherokee, with my husband Andy, our 5 year old daughter Haydley, and our bulldog Harley. I was born and raised in Onawa, and from there went on to live in Iowa City to attend college. I changed my major after being at the University of Iowa for 2 1/2 years and decided to pursue nursing. I graduated in May of 2010 from WIT in Sioux City. I began my nursing career working long term care than transitioned into psychiatric nursing for 5 years. I'm very excited to begin my new journey with Dr. VandeLune and the Sioux Valley family."

Lindsey is fun to work with and is doing a great job with our daughter Emma as her student. She is a really good teacher and very patient. One thing I love about Lindsey is when I asked if she was liking the transition to our clinic, she said she loved it and was really happy. That's what you will find at SVFH. We are all very happy to be here and look forward to serving our community together.


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