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Happy Doctor's Day to Dr. Chris VandeLune from your family and staff. The kids and I have always made this day special to thank you for working so hard for us. This year, I have experienced up close, in a different way than I ever could, watching you care for your patients. It's been endearing to see that side and be able to understand how deep your caring and devotion goes for your patients. I understand it even more because I have personally become to care for them as well. You are a great doctor, and today I celebrate you for not only working so hard for our family, but for the truly great doctor you are to your patients. I hope you enjoy your day!

Chris started medical school after we got married, and I remember when we had just brought Christian home from the hospital, I said, "Just think, when he is 7 you will be done with med school and residency." It is a long road to become a physician, and they are truly the heros on the "front line" of this coronavirus pandemic. Today, I want to wish a Happy Doctor's Day to Dr. Wes Parker, Dr. Tim Rice, Dr. Seth Winterton, Dr. Stephen Veit, Dr. Patricia Harrison, Dr. Scott Murray, Dr. Timothy Taylor, Dr. Emily Anzmann, and Dr. Jason Dierking. Also a special day to the Nurse Practioners and Physician Assistants that serve our community and care for the people in it. We hope you all have a great day!

Happy Doctor's Day to Dr. Michael Luft from Ida Grove who has been so kind to Dr. VandeLune and our staff and helped guide us in setting up our clinic. Thank you for being so generous with your time, and also for your generosity in sharing your staff and clinic with us and our staff to learn. We really appreciate you.

Happy Doctor's Day to Dr.Veltri and Dr. Hesse and the other physicians and Nurse Practioners at Horn Memorial Hospital in Ida Grove. Thank you for welcoming Dr. VandeLune and we wish you a Happy Doctor's Day. We also want to wish a special day to Kelli Borkowski, a nurse practioner that has come to the clinic to help with DOT physicals and creating templates for our EMR system. We wish you a special Day and we appreciate you.

I want to close with a Happy Doctor's Day to our future Doctors that are on the long path to serving others. A special thank you to future Doctors Nick Parker and Gabe Conley who are in medical school at the University of Iowa. Thank you for being so good to Christian when he was applying to med schools. We wish you the best of luck and a Happy Doctor's Day today. Happy Doctor's Day to my future Dr. VandeLune's.....all on different parts of the journey to becoming physicians. Christian starts medical School this August at the University of Iowa. I can't believe that little baby I was holding telling Chris 'when this child is 7, you will be done with med school and residency', and now that little boy is starting medical school. Time goes so fast. Joel is finishing his 3rd year of undergrad at Iowa and takes the MCAT and applies this summer, and Emma who will be an incoming Freshman on the pre-med track at Iowa this fall. Dad and I are really proud of you. You will be wonderful doctors and we love you. Happy Doctor's Day wishes to your friends that are on the path with you. It's been fun to meet them, and we wish them the very best.

Happy Doctor's Day to all of you. You are making a difference in this community and we pray for you as you battle the pandemic that surrounds us at this time.

"As we lose ourselves in the service of others we discover our own lives and our own happiness."


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