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Happy 23rd Birthday, Christian!

Happy Birthday to Christian! I love this boy!

Christian, I love that you were so good to your dog and it was fun to watch you grow up together. I love that you are a great godfather to Tom. I love how outdoorsy you are, and I had a lot of fun with you taking you fishing, creek jumping and hiking over the years. I love that you take your sisters hunting, and I even like cooking up all the things you have brought home for dinner over the years: turtle, squirrel, rabbit, fish, turkey, deer, elk, wild boar...It was always an adventure to make them taste good. :) I love seeing you and Joel become best friends. I love that you care about your sisters and how they are raised. I love the wonderful memories you have given me these last twenty three years. I love that you love your MOM! Dad and I are so proud of the person you are becoming and we wish you a great year ahead! Happy Birthday! Love, Dad and Mom

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