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Dr. Chris VandeLune is taking new patients

If you are looking for a doctor and trying to find a good fit for you and your family, Sioux Valley Family Health has a warm, welcoming, family focused environment. We are a small clinic with one provider and a loving staff that would love to take care of you and your family. Dr. Chris VandeLune, 2016 Iowa's Family Practice Physician of the year, is very knowledgeable and a wonderful physician. He goes the extra mile with his patients in giving them the care they deserve. We use Cherokee Regional Medical Center for our radiology testing, specialty clinic, and is a choice for physical therapy, home care and hospice. If admitted to the hospital, you can be admitted to the hospital in Cherokee. To clear up any questions on insurance, we accept all insurances and Dr. VandeLune is credentialed and in net work with all insurances.

We are a small practice that works hard to be detailed and thorough and timely with all communication with patients and other medical providers.

Please call (712)225-9003 with any questions or to transfer to Dr. Chris VandeLune.

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