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COVID Vaccine Update for Cherokee County

Cherokee Regional Medical Center Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Cherokee Regional Medical Center (

To all our Sioux Valley Family Health Patients: It has come to our attention on Friday, 1/29/2021, that Public Health has completely changed the Covid vaccine rollout for our county due to how the vaccines are being delivered to them. They are going to have one immunization clinic for the entire county. They will be having a hotline to sign up for the vaccine, and previous waiting lists won't be used, so please call the hotline (712)225-6897 beginning at 9 am Thursday, 2/4/2021 for those that are 65 years and older. We have included their link for you to see the information on the vaccine rollout. We will update you with the information as we receive it. We were really looking forward to being a part of working with them to vaccinate our community. We apologize for their last minute change in county rollout of the vaccine but encourage everyone to be patient, steadfast, and know that everyone will receive the vaccination. We will keep you informed. Dr. Chris and Lisa VandeLune

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