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Abbigayle Graduates High School

Abbigayle Kathleen VandeLune

The youngest of our seven children graduated high school. What a special weekend it was to have most of our kids home and their significant others. We celebrated Abbigayle with our family and friends. Dr. VandeLune and I are sad to see this chapter close, as we have loved raising kids and having a busy household. Abbigayle plans to attend the University of Iowa on the pre dental track. We have loved watching her play sports and going to her activities and spending time with her and her friends. Thank you to Cherokee Schools for the wonderful education you gave our children. We have wonderful teachers, coaches, administration, secretaries, nurses, bus drivers, lunch ladies, janitors, and the list goes on. Everyone made a contribution in our kids lives and we are grateful to those that really went the extra mile to make a difference. As we close this chapter in our lives, we look forward to spending time with our adult children and watching our family grow. Congratulations 2022 graduates!


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